My newest endeavour has been joining the primary school kids at M-Zone on a Monday night at the Mission. I’m getting to know them as the majority are in year 6 and will be moving up to year 7 in September, so when they move they will already know me before they start coming to Unite on a Friday. The kids are wonderfully energetic and pleasantly insightful for their age. It’s clear to see that the time and care the leaders of M-Zone have put in has been paying off and means I have a fantastic platform to work from when they move up to secondary school.

Brockington is where most of my time is spent, still running lunchtime clubs from Tuesday – Friday every week, from the Reality Bus to Koinonia Kafe, we still a range of different kids yet also we have our “regulars” with whom we’ve built up a nice rapport. The abundant life course we ran in October was a success and another is being planned for May which is always encouraging.

At the Mission, myself and another member of the church have plans in place for a teens group when enough young people are present to hold a meeting for them. It’s a comfort to know we’re ready for when they do decide to come to church on a Sunday.

Please pray that God continues to bless the work going on in Enderby and that new opportunities arise.

So guys, it’s almost been a whole year since I started with the Mission. And what a year it’s been! I can’t express how much I have enjoyed spreading the good news of Jesus Christ around Enderby and doing my upmost to have a positive influence on the lives of the young people here. Thank God for guiding me to this position and giving me what I need to be what he wants me to be.

The Church, as I have said several times already, has been so welcoming and the family atmosphere is incredibly unique. I am honoured to worship with the wonderful people at the Mission.

My foot is now well and truly in the door at Brockington College. Mike and I are in the school at least four days a week. The bus is there Tuesday lunch, Christian Lunch Club Wednesday and Koinonia Kafe Thursday and Friday. On top of that, we have regular slots doing House assemblies throughout the school calendar. Helen and I are also in the middle of an Abundant Life course with 10 children. Please pray that our good relationship with the school stays strong and that our opportunities continue to grow.

The two youth clubs are running along very nicely, Fusion on a Tuesday night has a regular attendance of year 11 students, meaning that in the fairly near future, we will need to start filling from the bottom again, pray that God helps us in our endeavours to reach more young people and that I stay motivated to keep talks going with them. Unite on a Friday night has got off to a comfortable start with a regular following of about 5, which is a great success! Thank God for this and please ask Him to keep children coming our way.

Things have been going really well at the Mission. I have been put on the regular rota for the 5 minute children’s slots on Sunday mornings. A good way to help the children get to know me as they grow up and gets my face up at the front of Church regularly.

A bit of a self-indulgent note now but anyway: A mix up in dates meant I turned up to church to find I was on kids talk a week earlier than anticipated. However in 5 minutes, God gave me a lovely idea which linked in well with the sermon that week. Isn’t God brilliant?!

Because of exams changing the lunch timetables around at the end of summer term, this actually allowed myself, Mike, Crystal and the Koinonia team to run lunchtime groups for both lunch hours, making it available to all year groups in the school. Mike and I are hoping to continue to do this moving forward. It was a shame that we didn’t manage to get any Abundant Life courses last academic year but as the Head of Religious Studies still doesn’t yet have full control over courses, she still has to jump through a lot of hoops.

On one of our first days running clubs in both lunchtimes, we got about 15 kids to each club – Fantastic!

After having hosted ncounter summer at the Mission, I have managed to make a few more contacts in the community. For one, Carol from the social club. She was very appreciative of the support that the Mission gave to run the family fun there.

That’s all for now!

I was immediately made to feel like part of the family at the Mission. The support and love I have been shown already is very encouraging. I feel my integration into Church life has gone smoothly. I have been able to jump straight into Fusion on Tuesday nights and we have successfully re-introduced regular talks to the club. I remain in pastoral contact with what youth there is at the church on Sundays. After May half term, I aim to launch a trial period of Unite, a new youth club on Fridays for years 7/8 due to the older young people being settled on Tuesdays. Fliers will be distributed and both clubs advertised throughout the first half term.

Thanks to Mike I have been introduced to the school very quickly and already am doing assemblies, Christian Lunch Club and Koinonia Kafe in the school. As a result, I am in Brockington College at least twice every week. Very happy to be building on an already very strong relationship between Reality and Brockington. Hopefully Brockington will invest in some more Abundant Life course which I will help to deliver. I plan to bring more of a focus to the Christian Lunch Club. Mike and I plan to start doing a lunch club for Key Stage 3 as well as Key Stage 2.

I have been in contact with the local police officer through a member of the church, inviting them to stay in touch and feel welcome to turn up to clubs and show their face if they wish. The church has a few employees at the co-op in Enderby so they build on that relationship well. The Co-op support charities on a regular basis, they supported us recently so we plan for that to happen again in future. Ncounter summer, a Reality event, will be happening in the summer; there are opportunities to support the community there. Also some events in the summer might be possible, which would be a good opportunity to get my face known in the community.

Since arriving in January, everyone at the Mission has made me feel extremely welcome and I already feel like part of the family. So thank you all, and if I haven’t met you properly yet then please come and say hello!

Brockington College

I have already been involved in an assembly at the school and am scheduled to do more over the next term. Alongside that I am in school at least twice a week in the Christian Lunch Club on Wednesdays and Koinonia Kafe on Fridays. Mike McAllister and I aim to start a later lunch club for Year 10/11s

Enderby Mission

At the mission I have been going to Fusion on Tuesday evenings and am finding new ways to bring talks back into the structure. I am in the process of preparing to re-launch a Friday night youth club after Easter (April 28th)

Prayer Points

Praise God for: An encouraging start to the new Job and the success in integrating quickly into the Church.

Please Pray for: Relationships to continue to build and for the success of the Friday club and new lunch club for Year 10/11s