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Newsletter May 2018

Junior Church: Continues with our dedicated two members; Alex and Lara. The outreach that took place last year, at the school fayre and the Breakfast party, hasn’t provided us with any new members. The plan is to continue running JC whilst we have members and willing volunteers to lead, whilst continuing to outreach to the […]

Newsletter January 2018

CHURCHES: Junior Church: The Christmas presentation went well on December 17th. The children and young people presented a retelling of ‘The Three Christmas Trees’, played musical instruments and led prayers. It was very well received by the congregation and they received lots of compliments. The presentation was followed by a party in the parish centre […]

Prayer Flyer November 2017

News: Emma has joined Youth House group and tells me she is really enjoying it. We now have 7 very enthusiastic Young Leaders at Hangout. All but one are boys, they look very professional in their new uniform and are doing a fantastic job, a real credit to the themselves and the group. Aine, Joel […]

Newsletter September 2017

CHURCHES: Junior Church: Numbers were very low again last term. This is due to ‘demands’ on the time of our young people such as homework and other interests /hobbies that they are involved in, all vying for their time. There hasn’t been the usual recruitment from the bottom up of younger children either for several […]

Newsletter May 2017

CHURCHES: Junior Church: Chris headed up a meeting at the beginning of the year with the remaining team members. There was a discussion around how many children/young people we have currently, recruitment of new members and the feasibility of carrying on long term. Everyone agreed that we want to be ‘open for business’ for children […]

March Prayer Flyer

News: RYP Prayer Day was held on January 23rd at St. Michael’s, Cosby. It was well supported by supporters from across the city and County. Mike Kelly – Diocesan Youth Support Officer preached at St. Michaels’s Cosby on February 5th. Sharon attended the first of two follow-up days for Diocesan Leadership Course on February 5th. […]

November Prayer Flyer

News: At St. Michael’s Harvest festival service, youngsters from Cosby Brownies led the first part of the service. On Nov 6th at St. Peter’s there was a real All-Age feel as young people joined with adult members of the congregation to deliver the first half of the All Saints service. Holy Halloween was a great […]

September 2016

So it’s been a busy time in the benefice during the summer  term and holidays-here are a few highlights: An evening Youth service was held on Sunday May 8th. It was extremely well attended by members of both churches and was led by young people.  We were very privileged to be joined by Bishop Martyn […]

September 2016

So the Summer term and summer break have been busy and fruitful An evening Youth service was held on Sunday May 8th. It was extremely well attended by members of both churches as well as lots of youngsters that wouldn’t normally be in the church service. Some participated in the games, worship, prayers and talks, others enjoyed being […]