Entries by Luke Wigston

November 2018

Thank you everyone for taking part in the BB and GB devotions by voting for your favourite Bible person. It looks as if Abraham got the most votes from you all so I think that shows us that we are a very faithful Church! Rahab unfortunately received the least number of votes, although I think […]

March Prayer Flyer

Just before Christmas we had another baby hand out where we gave out 12 babies to some of the students at Gartree High School, which included Sam who comes to FNY and came along to OBC before, and she did quite well! We have started our Mission Academy Live videos in SMG and they are […]

November Prayer Flyer

We have moved in! We moved in earlier this month when all the carpets were done, we had a moving van, we have a bed, sofa and TV and internet! It’s so good to have a home that is liveable and somewhere that is ours. We are missing a few things but Ikea will be […]

September Prayer Flyer

School has started again, the summer life is over and winter is coming. We are back to the usual routines and no more holidays, for a while anyway. This summer has been a fun one though doing lots of things with the young people. Playing rounders at Coombe Park, playing board games at Church, having […]

May Prayer Flyer

The weather has started to get warmer! Summer is coming! I feel that the better weather makes the young people happier but with summer on its way it means that their exams are near… Exams can be a really stressful time for the young people. They can have important exams every day of the week […]

March Prayer Flyer

The ‘Month of March’ should be renamed the ‘Month of New’. We could well have a new minister by the time you are reading this. There is a new era for Leicester City Football Club, hopefully it will be positive! I have a new car! Also OBC will have the most amounts of young people […]

November Prayer Flyer

Baptising Esther and Charlie this month is definitely a highlight of mine. Seeing them talk about their faith and why they wanted to get baptised was really amazing and encouraging. I look forward to where God takes and uses them as their enthusiasm for growing doesn’t seem to stop! At RYP we have had some […]

Times are Changing

So many good things have been happening at Oadby Baptist Church! We have seen young people come to faith! We have seen young people challenging their peers about living out their love for Jesus! And we will be seeing Baptisms in the coming weeks! Visit our website if you want to get involved – http://www.oadby-baptist.org.uk/