For so many of our young people the journey through teenage years is increasingly difficult and many find themselves simply drifting into adult hood and struggling to find their place as a disciple of Jesus in a secular society. There are so few good role models for young people to look up to.  What the media portrays as a real man or woman is far from what God calls them to be and the church is not immune. The situation is critical, we need to act now.

Reality Youth Project is responding to this challenge by launching Authentic. Authentic is made up of 2 separate but very much connected projects; Boys2Men and Lavish, aimed at helping young people make the transition into adulthood through a short course, a coming of age experience and through ongoing, one to one discipleship. Reality will train and equip the local churches and organisations to set up Boys2Men and Lavish groups to deliver the “ManMade” course for boys (looking at passion, humility, courage, respect, control, responsibility) and “Lavish” for girls (Am I secure, chosen, courageous, significant, purposed, loved?) in their own area.  We will also work with Churches and other organisations to establish and resource ongoing, one to one Authentic discipleship, through online resources and an annual Authentic conference.

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