Mad: An Anger management course

Mad is a six week course to help young people who are suffering with anger management. We will not only look at the symptoms but also the causes and look at practical and realistic ways to dealing with their anger positively.

Week 1 – GRRR!!
We will discuss what anger is and what makes them angry.

Week 2 – Making waves
Looking at ways in which anger is expressed and the consequences that can have on you and others.

Week 3 – Deal with it  Finding positive ways of dealing with their anger in lots of different situations, setting realistic goals and aims.

Week 4 – It’s your choice
Looking at the choices we have about what we fill our lives and minds with, and how we react to situations.

Week 5 –  The bigger picture
How does it feel when others are mad with us? Why are they mad with us? Is there something else going on?

Week 6 – Mad?
Discuss how the course has helped and how you are going to change and deal with anger in the future.

Six week course costs £400

Worth It: A self-esteem course

Worth It is a six week course that helps young people identify the situations and life experiences that cause them to have poor self-image and low confidence. They then look at how they can develop a more positive outlook and approach to those same situations.

Week 1 – Mirror mirror on the wall
We will explore together how we view ourselves, what makes us feel good and bad about ourselves and how we can deal with those things.

Week 2 – The real you
What does the media say about how young people should look, act, feel and think?

Week 3 – Under pressure
What are some of the pressures facing young people today and how can we deal with them?

Week 4 – I wanna be like you
Looking at role models and how to set and attain realistic goals in life.

Week 5 – Sticks and stones
Dealing with compliments and conflict.

Week 6 – Worth it?
Look at how the course has helped them, what are they going to do as a result of the course and how they can find their unique place and role in their communities.

Six week course costs £400

Lost and Found: A loss and separation course

Lost and Found is a six week course with extra optional sessions which helps young people understand the impact loss and separation has on them emotionally and how to work through those feelings to a place of eventual hope and acceptance.

Week 1 – What is loss?
A general introduction to loss, looking wider than just loss through death. This session contains lots of time to get to know the group.

Week 2 – What is happening to me?
Looking at denial and shock after loss.

Week 3 – It makes me so mad!
A look at anger related to loss and how to cope with it.

Week 4 – I promise
A little look at how and why we bargain when we go through big changes.

Week 5 – No way out?
Depression and how it affects us when we have lost someone close.

Week 6 – I’m just used to it now and life’s ok!
Acceptance and hope for the future. This session includes a short look at forgiveness.

There are two optional extra sessions at the end of the course which we recommend looking at. “Changes in the family” and a “Creative” session for no extra cost.

Six week course costs £400

Real – A relationships and sex course

We want young people to love and value themselves, so they are able to love and value others. The course will help students to build healthy relationships where sex is not used as a way of gaining love or boosting egos, where babies are conceived thoughtlessly or as a means to an end. Sex will be presented as something that should be ideally part of a long term relationship, and as something not to be avoided out of fear but because of hope for the future.

Week 1 – Respect
We will look at identity, image, self-worth and what it means to be confident in who they are, not in who they are told to be.

Week 2 – Just good friends
Looking at friendship and what it means to be a best friend and the importance those same qualities in a relationship.

Week 3 – What’s love got to do with it?
Taking a closer look at intimate relationships and how we express love for others and the place of sex.

Week 4 – The birds and the bees
An honest and open session talking about the consequences of sex including pregnancy STI’s and that waiting is ok.

Week 5 – I’m having a baby!
Caring for a new born baby isn’t as easy as it looks and this session gives students a chance to find out as they have the opportunity to take home a Realcare baby for 24-48 hrs.

Week 6 – Mums and dads
Feedback from the Realcare baby simulations and looking at the differing roles of parents.

Six week course (including Realcare baby simulation) costs £400