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Hi, I’m Luke and I am the Youth Work Team Leader at Oadby Baptist Church. Read below to find out what I have been up to recently. You will also find my contact details below if you need to get in touch with me.

School has started again, the summer life is over and winter is coming. We are back to the usual routines and no more holidays, for a while anyway.

This summer has been a fun one though doing lots of things with the young people. Playing rounders at Coombe Park, playing board games at Church, having a Fifa tournament and even playing golf! The summer provides a chance for me to spend more time with the young people outside of the normal groups and see how they are getting on and what their plans are for the coming year and beyond.

All the normal groups at OBC and the schools are starting back this week and we hope to see the same faces and new ones at the school groups during this new system of the schools in Oadby.

Please pray this month for the young people starting something new, whether that be new school, university, or anything. Keep praying for the young people and their faith because God is doing some amazing things in their lives!

The weather has started to get warmer! Summer is coming! I feel that the better weather makes the young people happier but with summer on its way it means that their exams are near… Exams can be a really stressful time for the young people. They can have important exams every day of the week on some weeks. Please remember the young people in your prayers during this stressful time.

Over Easter Abi and I managed to go to Bolton to see her family which was really rewarding. Spending Easter Monday at Church and hearing 3 sermons was inspiring and good to be a part of.

Jake and I have started a running a 6 week Self Esteem course in Gartree High School working with 10 students. We try and help them with their self-esteem which has gone really well so far and Jake and I work well as a team which is good!

Mine and Abi’s house is looking better as the days go on! The house is almost plastered and it will soon be time for painting which we can’t wait for. Thank you for all your support and prayers during this time for us!

There is a RYP Fundraiser coming up, it is on the Youth Board downstairs. You can take part in the triathlon, come and bring your families to the fun day and fun swim or you can sponsor me to do it for you! Thank you for all your support this month!

The ‘Month of March’ should be renamed the ‘Month of New’. We could well have a new minister by the time you are reading this. There is a new era for Leicester City Football Club, hopefully it will be positive! I have a new car! Also OBC will have the most amounts of young people at The WKND, which is the first time this has happened which is new!

Some really exciting things will be happening at OBC for The WKND on 10th and 11th. There will be a Nerf gun war, bouncy castles, ultimate frisbee, tuck shop, Xbox, PS4 and so much more! The young people are hopefully going to love it, I know I will!

Klubb on a Friday evening has stopped taking place at OBC for a while. We have now joined with Lou’s Friday Night Youth group at St. Paul’s Church to combine both our groups and help support each other reaching the young people of Oadby. This has been happening since just before Christmas and has been hugely successful! We have had over 30 young people come each week, which means lots of young people to get to know and get into conversations with, building relationships and encouraging them along their journey towards Jesus wherever they may be on it.

Some amazing things are happening at the moment, let us pray they continue!