Thank you everyone for taking part in the BB and GB devotions by voting for your favourite Bible person. It looks as if Abraham got the most votes from you all so I think that shows us that we are a very faithful Church! Rahab unfortunately received the least number of votes, although I think we can be inspired by her bravery and showing us that faith is more than just words.

It is really great to see so many people in Church recently and especially the new people and families we have had. It has been amazing what God is doing in our Church and pray that it continues!

At RYP we had some training as a team this month on Ephesians, Peter and Mindfulness. Mainly learning about unity and taking time to notice God around us, not making ourselves so busy but putting time aside as we do our day to day jobs.

This week we have up to 300 year 7 Beauchamp students coming to St Peters Church as part as their RE lesson. Myself, Abi and Lou will lead some workshops about who Jesus is, understanding the Trinity and quiz a minister. This is an exciting opportunity to meet lots of students, get our faces and names known around the school and to promote our CU to anyone we feel would be interested in coming along. Please pray for this great opportunity.

We as a youth team are off on our yearly Youth Team Retreat this weekend, which is why I am not with you today. We will have attended the national fresh expression conference in Ely then head up to Hunstanton for our retreat time.