At Reality we are getting very excited about a new initiative that we are launching this year. I would like to introduce (drumroll) ‘Engage:’. After a week of us praying and thinking we decided on an event that actively engages with relevant and possible uncomfortable world issues. As Christians we are often consumers to news and issues. We offer to pray, we may support charities related to our passions. But this new event seeks to go a step further, in order that we Engage: with God and Engage: with the community.

The week-long event will run in the third week of the summer holiday, this year that is 5th-9th August. We are going to be based at Central Baptist Church in Leicester. Our focus for this year is to Engage: with Homelessness in Leicester.

The idea of a large group of young people meeting together for a week of teaching and practical missional work in our county really stirs something in me. These young people will grow with a different attitude to Homelessness. Actively seeking to help and support those unfortunate enough to live life without a home.

However, this initiative brings with it an element of sadness. With the launch of Engage we are seeing the end of Reality’s very successful ncounter summer event. It’s important that we don’t forget the richness of what ncounter offered to Leicestershire. After over a decade of these events, hundreds of young people have been equipped to take on life with a heart for Jesus. Along with what must be thousands of community members being served, blessed and shared the Gospel by these young people. I see ncounter as a huge and strong Oak tree. From something as simple yet beautiful as an acorn we have seen steady growth. With the branches reaching far and wide into Leicestershire, roots that hold strong through harsh weather. Now at ncounters end we are seeing tire-swings, birds nesting in the branches, a meeting place of a community and a spectacle that people look at in awe and wonder. I imagine Engage as one of the acorns that fell off of the mighty Oak tree, we are getting very excited to see how this grows.

If you would like to pray for us we would be very grateful. For any more info please contact me (ben@realityyouthproject.co.uk) or our events manager (bez@realityyouthproject.co.uk) and we would love to meet with you.

Look out for publicity and more details of ‘Engage:’ coming soon.

Thanks and God bless,