Just before Christmas we had another baby hand out where we gave out 12 babies to some of the students at Gartree High School, which included Sam who comes to FNY and came along to OBC before, and she did quite well!

We have started our Mission Academy Live videos in SMG and they are all about peer to peer evangelism. We do it together as a group to help encourage and pray for each other. The young people seemed to really enjoy the session and were excited by the challenge of peer to peer evangelism and I’m praying for them as they step out for Jesus.

The RYP prayer day was this week and it went really well. One thing that came across was that there were lots to read, showing that there is so much youth work going on in Leicester with RYP. So many good news stories, so many young people reached with the good news of Jesus and it’s great that OBC is part of that.

Alongside the Fusion university course we have been looking at helping us to believe more, to turn head knowledge into our hearts and to understand what being a Christian is all about for ourselves at YHG. We try and give the young people something they can take away with them as they leave for university at the end of this year.

The WKND and Soul Survivor are coming up and it would be great if we could pray for those events that the young people of OBC would get involved and be changed by Jesus while they are there.