My newest endeavour has been joining the primary school kids at M-Zone on a Monday night at the Mission. I’m getting to know them as the majority are in year 6 and will be moving up to year 7 in September, so when they move they will already know me before they start coming to Unite on a Friday. The kids are wonderfully energetic and pleasantly insightful for their age. It’s clear to see that the time and care the leaders of M-Zone have put in has been paying off and means I have a fantastic platform to work from when they move up to secondary school.

Brockington is where most of my time is spent, still running lunchtime clubs from Tuesday – Friday every week, from the Reality Bus to Koinonia Kafe, we still a range of different kids yet also we have our “regulars” with whom we’ve built up a nice rapport. The abundant life course we ran in October was a success and another is being planned for May which is always encouraging.

At the Mission, myself and another member of the church have plans in place for a teens group when enough young people are present to hold a meeting for them. It’s a comfort to know we’re ready for when they do decide to come to church on a Sunday.

Please pray that God continues to bless the work going on in Enderby and that new opportunities arise.