So guys, it’s almost been a whole year since I started with the Mission. And what a year it’s been! I can’t express how much I have enjoyed spreading the good news of Jesus Christ around Enderby and doing my upmost to have a positive influence on the lives of the young people here. Thank God for guiding me to this position and giving me what I need to be what he wants me to be.

The Church, as I have said several times already, has been so welcoming and the family atmosphere is incredibly unique. I am honoured to worship with the wonderful people at the Mission.

My foot is now well and truly in the door at Brockington College. Mike and I are in the school at least four days a week. The bus is there Tuesday lunch, Christian Lunch Club Wednesday and Koinonia Kafe Thursday and Friday. On top of that, we have regular slots doing House assemblies throughout the school calendar. Helen and I are also in the middle of an Abundant Life course with 10 children. Please pray that our good relationship with the school stays strong and that our opportunities continue to grow.

The two youth clubs are running along very nicely, Fusion on a Tuesday night has a regular attendance of year 11 students, meaning that in the fairly near future, we will need to start filling from the bottom again, pray that God helps us in our endeavours to reach more young people and that I stay motivated to keep talks going with them. Unite on a Friday night has got off to a comfortable start with a regular following of about 5, which is a great success! Thank God for this and please ask Him to keep children coming our way.