Things have been going really well at the Mission. I have been put on the regular rota for the 5 minute children’s slots on Sunday mornings. A good way to help the children get to know me as they grow up and gets my face up at the front of Church regularly.

A bit of a self-indulgent note now but anyway: A mix up in dates meant I turned up to church to find I was on kids talk a week earlier than anticipated. However in 5 minutes, God gave me a lovely idea which linked in well with the sermon that week. Isn’t God brilliant?!

Because of exams changing the lunch timetables around at the end of summer term, this actually allowed myself, Mike, Crystal and the Koinonia team to run lunchtime groups for both lunch hours, making it available to all year groups in the school. Mike and I are hoping to continue to do this moving forward. It was a shame that we didn’t manage to get any Abundant Life courses last academic year but as the Head of Religious Studies still doesn’t yet have full control over courses, she still has to jump through a lot of hoops.

On one of our first days running clubs in both lunchtimes, we got about 15 kids to each club – Fantastic!

After having hosted ncounter summer at the Mission, I have managed to make a few more contacts in the community. For one, Carol from the social club. She was very appreciative of the support that the Mission gave to run the family fun there.

That’s all for now!