School has started again, the summer life is over and winter is coming. We are back to the usual routines and no more holidays, for a while anyway.

This summer has been a fun one though doing lots of things with the young people. Playing rounders at Coombe Park, playing board games at Church, having a Fifa tournament and even playing golf! The summer provides a chance for me to spend more time with the young people outside of the normal groups and see how they are getting on and what their plans are for the coming year and beyond.

All the normal groups at OBC and the schools are starting back this week and we hope to see the same faces and new ones at the school groups during this new system of the schools in Oadby.

Please pray this month for the young people starting something new, whether that be new school, university, or anything. Keep praying for the young people and their faith because God is doing some amazing things in their lives!