“At this critical moment in history for the Church in the UK the statistics are stark:  94% of children and young people in the UK and Ireland remain unreached by relational Christian youth and children’s work.  On average, over 50% of churches in our country still have no provision for youth and children.  Between 40% – 59% of children and young people drift from God as they enter their late teens and twenties.  1 in 10 young people aged 5-16 suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder. Over the last 18 months the reality of these statistics has come sharply into focus.  Our passion has always been and continues to be to “Reach out with the good news of Jesus to Young People across Leicestershire”. However over the last year we have had more and more contact with people, churches, organisations and even schools across the UK asking for our help and enquiring about our work and the resources we can offer.  Against a back drop of fairly depressing statistics there is a sense at Reality we may be able to be part of the answer.  After a journey that started back in September 2015 God has brought Reality to a point where we are ready to launch Reality UK.   From January 2018 Matt Brown will be stepping down from the day to day running of Reality Youth Project in Leicester and be taking on the new role of National Director.


So what is Reality UK all about? Our vision is to take three big impact youth projects birthed in Leicester; ncounter Youth Led Mission, Authentic Discipleship and Abundant Life Courses and see them rippled out across the country for increased impact and transformation.  We believe that 3 specific projects can be part of the answer. Through ncounter Youth Led Mission we want to inspire a generation to see lives changed and communities transformed up and down the country. We want to train and equip the church in the UK to deliver Authentic Discipleship, helping young Christians make the increasingly difficult transition into adult hood.  We want to see Abundant Life Courses supporting young people suffering with poor anger management and low self-esteem all over the UK.


We are completely committed to continuing to serve our local churches, schools and communities in Leicestershire and with this in mind a new CEO for Reality Youth Project in Leicestershire will be announced in due course. Please will you pray for God’s favour on us as we take this step of faith.”

David Cundill (Chair of Trustees)

Matt Brown (Executive Director)